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The EPTRI Open Meeting was held remotely on the 2nd-3rd of April 2020 to guarantee the safely participation of the participants and the possibility to join and contribute to this crucial meeting.

The event has been the occasion to sum up the activities and the goals achieved as well as to discuss the challenges of the future EPTRI’s work.

The first part of the meeting provided an overview of the activities carried out so far in the project, together with a description of the future EPTRI architecture in terms of governance model, IT structure, services and organisation, being part of the design of the future infrastructure. Description was also presented of the centralised services provided at central hub level and of the integrated services based on the facilities and competences of the Institutions and research units that will constitute the thematic research platforms.

An open meeting took place in the morning of the second day with 13 presentations selected through a Call for Abstracts launched on February, on several topics related to the research areas of EPTRI. All the posters selected by the EPTRI Scientific Committee are published as teaser videos of 3 minutes and all the selected oral presentations are published as 10 minutes videos on the EPTRI website and on our YouTube channel.

A dedicated session on the EPTRI common services in collaboration with other RIs and the importance of the networking and outreach took place in the afternoon of the second day.

Here below you can see the scientific agenda of the meeting and the recordings of the meeting sessions.


 EPTRI Open meeting- First day morning session

 EPTRI Open meeting- First day afternoon session

EPTRI Open meeting- Second day morning session

EPTRI Open meeting- Second day morning session

Session 1

The EPTRI project challenges

D. Bonifazi

EPTRI Governance and Business Model

G. Migliaccio

EPTRI Process towards ESFRI

M. Lupo

EPTRI Central Hub and Single Access Point

F. Bonifazi

EPTRI Advisory Board and centralised services

A. Ceci

Session 2

Paediatric Medicines Discovery Platform

E. Mikros

Biomarkers and biobanking platform

M. Phylactides

Thematic Research Platform on ‘Developmental Pharmacology’

S. de Wildt

Thematic Research Platform on Paediatric Formulations

C. Tuleu

Session 3

Human fibro-adipogenic precursor cells as a new tool for investigating antifibrotic drugs in muscular dystrophies.

E. Mikros

Functional characterization of two genes deleted in Phelan McDermid Syndrome: SHANK3 and SULTA4A1

M. Phylactides

Thematic Research Platform on ‘Developmental Pharmacology’

S. de Wildt

Paediatric Medicines Discovery Platform

E. Mikros

Session 4

Institue of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology: review, experience and prospective research

R. Marushko

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Like-Read Sequencing Reveals New and  Undected Variants

A. Mezzelani

Child-appropriate multiplex mass spectometric assay solution to reliably monitor the maturating renin-angiotensin-aldosterone-system und the adjoining kinin-kallikrein-system in low sample volumes

B. Burckhardt

Drug safety in translational paediatric research – How to anticipate and manage treatment related risk

B. Aurich

Intestinal TCRγδ+ T cells and IL-4+ T cells: biomarkers to evaluate the transition from potentional to acute celiac disease in paediatric patients

C. Gianfrani

Session 5

In silico modelling and simuation for dosafe selection in pediatric patients includgin neonates

E. Jacqz-Aigrain

Investigation and development of propranolol hydrochloride oral solid formulation designed for paeadiatric patients

N. Denora

Breath-Triggered Aerosol Release and Real-Time Determination of the Delivered Aerosol for (Pre)term Neonates

F. Wiegandt

Session 6

EPTRI Communication and Avocacy

B. Nafria

EPTRI Outreach and Networking

D. Athanasiou

Paeadiatric ELSI common service in collaboration with BBMRI

M. Mayrhofer

EPTRI-ELIXIR common service “Paediatric Data Interoperability”

P. Martelli

EPTRI underspins medicines development for Paediatric Clinical Studies

M. Turner

EPTRI next steps

D. Bonifazi