EPTRI is a pan-European initiative involving hundreds of research units gathered together to boost the paediatric research ecosystem and provide services for the development of medicines for children


To promote the inclusion of Paediatric Research topics in the EU Agenda



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A series of podcasts to present EPTRI, its mission, and main research services.

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EPTRI is a new enstablishing Research Infrastructure aiming to promote the paediatric research and provide optimal support to facilitate the accruing of knowledge in the many research fields necessary to guaranteeing the access to high quality and safe paediatric medicines




To increase knowledge on children growth and ontogeny characteristics relevant for the identification and development of novel therapies dedicated to children



To facilitate basic, preclinical, and translational research in paediatric medicines, providing access to key technologies, standardised models and analytical tools specific for children

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On Basic and Translational Paediatric Research for Patients and Families


The European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure is a project that arise.

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