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All the abstracts, which were submitted for oral presentations in the Call for Abstracts, have been evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

The selected abstracts are published below as 10 minutes videos describing the contents of their work.

Please find below all the videos.

Enjoy them!

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Linked-Read Sequencing Reveals New and Undetected Variants

A. Mezzelani

Drug safety in translational paediatric research – How to anticipate and manage treatment related risk

B. Aurich

Child-apropriate multiplex mass spectometric assay solutions to reliably monitor the maturating renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system und the adjoining kinin-kallikrein-system in low sample volumes

B. Burckhardt

Sensitive cellular bioassay for the validation of immunomodulatory and gluten detoxifying strategies

C. Gianfrani

Intestinal TCRγδ+ T cells and IL4+ T cells: biomarkers to evaluate the transition from potential to acute celiac disease in paediatric patients

C. Gianfrani

Functional characterization of two genes deleted in Phelan McDermid Syndrome: SHANK3 and SULT4A1

C. Verpelli

In silico methodologies and tools for predicting developmental toxicity

C. Altomare

Decoding the STAT5 activation and repression code for biomarkers discovery

E. Katsantoni

Molecular Diagnostics as a Tool for Active surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in a Pediatric Intesive Care Unit

E. Iosifidis

In silico modelling and simulating for dosage selection in paediatric patient including neonates

E. Jacqz-Aigrain

The importance of Translation Research in Developmental pharmacology to facilitate paediatric clinical drug evalutaion

E. Jacqz-Aigrain

Breath – Triggered Aerosol release and Real – Time determination of the delivered aerosol for (pre)term neonates

F. C. Wiegandt

Recording of Abdominal Movements of (Pre)Item Neonates using a Time-of-Flight Camera to Develop a Physiological Abdominal Movement Model

F. C. Wiegandt

Endurign behavioral effects of early life clonazepam administration in rats

A. Kubova

ALGHO, AI assistant platform for a new paradigm in paediatric care.

I. Iacono

Human fibro-adipogenic precursor cells as a new tool for investigating antifibrotic drugs in muscular dystrophies

J. Diaz Manera

Using machine learning for supporting diagnostic MR imaging in hereditary myopathies

J. Diaz Manera

Correction of the drug dosage according to changes in the weight of your children during long-term treatment can reduce the toxicity and side effects

N. Gorovenko

Engaging parents and caregivers in paediatric clinical trials, a focus group experience

N. Karantaglis

Investigation and development off propranolol hydrochloride oral solid formulations deisgned for paediatrc patients

N. Denora

Institute of paediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology: review, experience and prospective research

R. Marushko

The neonatal Göttingen Minipig: a useful model for paediatric drug development

S. Van Cruchten

Attitudes of Biobanks and Associated of parents towards the specimen donation of sick children to a hypothetical biobank

S. Gramatiuk