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Fifth webinar on Co-design in Child Health Technology

The 5th webinar on Co-design in Child Health Technology organized by the EPTRI Medical Devices Platform was held online on 7th May of 2024.    Participants had the chance to learn more about the impact of partnerships and co-design in shaping child health technology...

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New research paper!

  Donato Bonifazi and Adriana Ceci, both members of our Board of Directors, have co-authored the research paper entitled: “Innovative research methodologies in the EU regulatory framework: an analysis of EMA qualification procedures from a pediatric perspective”,...

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Establishment of EPTRI AISBL as a legal entity

We are very happy to announce that  incorporated in the form of an Association International Sans But Lucrative (AISBL).  The approval was granted by the Belgium Government as EPTRI is based in Leuven. This means that EPTRI can now apply to grants and other funding as...

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OrphaDev4Kids project approved

We are excited to announce that the proposal OrphaDev4Kids has been approved.   This collaborative project aims to address the issue of Orphan medical devices (MDs) to be used in the paediatric population. Paediatric MDs development is more complex and riskier for...

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EPTRI supports Hospital Exemption

EPTRI supports the joint statement on Hospital Exemption. The signatories of this statement are key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem at both the European Union and Member State level comprising of health care professionals’ associations, patient organisations...

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