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EPTRI members aim at increasing knowledge on human development and ontogeny and at providing high-quality services supporting the discovery of novel therapies dedicated to children. 

Members of the EPTRI AISBL are Research Organisations coming from the ‘Academic sector’ involved in paediatric basic, preclinical and translational research working to cover the need of tailored drugs and devices developed for children. Academic sector means public or private higher education establishments awarding academic degrees, public or private non-profit research organisations and International European Research Organisations (IERO).    

All members must: 

  • Be a legal entity established in accordance with the laws and customs of the country of origin.  
  • Confirm in writing that they embrace and endorse the mission of EPTRI and adhere to its values. 
  • Have a substantial and significant interest in and want to contribute to the impact EPTRI can bring. 

The following entities not coming from the ‘Academic sector’ may become Associated Members of the EPTRI AISBL: 

  • patient-parents organisations, 
  • funder charities and other non-for-profit organisations, 
  • public institutions and agencies,  
  • companies and their associations. 

The Associated Members of the EPTRI AISBL do not have voting rights. 

You can become an EPTRI member by filling the Association Application Form.