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EPTRI is becoming soon a non-profit research organisation incorporated in the form of an Association Internationale Sans But Lucrative (AISBL) governed by Belgian law.  


The General Assembly (GA) is the supreme authority of EPTRI AISBL and is composed of one (1) delegate per Member with voting rights.

The General Assembly elects the President and the Board of Directors. The General Assembly shall endeavour to ensure balance in terms of gender, diversity, geographic coverage, expertise and stakeholder representation.

The General Assembly has all powers except those expressly reserved or delegated to the other bodies of the EPTRI AISBL in its Statutes or by a decision passed by the General Assembly.

The General Assembly meets twice a year and more if required.


The EPTRI Board of Directors constitutes the presiding authority of the activities of the organisation in accordance with its Statutes and the decisions of the General Assembly.

The Board is chaired by the President and supported by the Vice-President and Treasurer, if appointed. The number of Directors including these two last roles is a minimum of seventeen (17), including at least one leader scientist for each EPTRI Thematic Research Platform and each EPTRI National Nodes established through a formal agreement between EPTRI members in the same country. The General Assembly decides on the number of the Directors.

The Board meets at least four (4) times a year.

Central Management Office

The Central Management Office (CMO) supports the Assembly and the Board and is in charge of the implementation of their decisions. The CMO is entrusted with the day-to-day management of the EPTRI AISBL.

The CMO has the power to:

  • manage the Single Access Point (SAP) of the EPTRI Services;
  • coordinate and provide some of the EPTRI services;
  • take care of the communication and dissemination activities of the EPTRI AISBL;
  • propose to the Board of Directors relevant EU calls and other initiatives;
  • prepare some of the EPTRI AISBL operational plans;
  • implement the decisions of the General Assembly and of the Board of Directors, under the direction of the Board.