Webinar: Paediatric diseases: research, biodrugs and territory

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The Institute of Biomembranes, Bioenergetics and Molecular Biotechnologies (IBIOM) of the National Research Council (CNR) organised the webinar entitled “Paediatric Diseases: research, biodrugs and territory”.

The event was held virtually on the 29th of September 2020 in Italian language and addressed mainly to students of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and researchers. It represented a crossroad point for a diversified scientific community dealing with biotechnology for medicines and united by the necessity to share experiences and knowledge.

Different declinations of the biotechnological research field have been explored with a
particular focus on paediatrics diseases, investigating the most recent findings in paediatric neurodevelopmental diseases and the role of mitochondria. Also the work performed by the Regional Health Agency of Puglia (AReS) to foster excellent cures for rare diseases in the Region has been
presented and a dedicated focus has been made on EPTRI and the role of Research
Infrastructures to meet the care needs of paediatric patients.

Here you can find the Agenda.  

As the webinar was held in Italian, further information and the recording are available on the Consorzio per Valutazioni Biologiche e Farmacologiche website.