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The EPTRI Manifesto on Paediatric Research is a call to action for policy makers and other stakeholders to promote the inclusion of paediatric research and orphan medicines development for children in the EU Agenda.
SUPPORT IT to support children health needs

SUPPORT IT to overcome the current obstacles
that are slowing down paediatric drug research

SUPPORT IT to secure a new  European  political framework
focused on children and their right to proper health treatments!



Download the PDF

Download the PDF

Download the PDF

Download the PDF

Download the PDF

Enjoy the 3rd EPTRI podcast episode about our Paediatric Research Manifesto! What are the current obstacles that are slowing down paediatric drug research? What are the #4 EPTRI Recommendations that if adopted would make the change?


Support our #ChildrenFirst mission by filling this from! The Manifesto has already 80 supporting institutions. Be the change, join us, together we can make this happen.

Why do we need a Manifesto? Because even though…
Minors represent an important part of the European population and despite the right to healthcare and access to safe medicines only 35% of medicines approved in Europe are available for children with different ages/diseases.

EPTRI Manifesto Twitter Story is ongoing, follow us to get involved!