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Fifth webinar on Co-design in Child Health Technology

The 5th webinar on Co-design in Child Health Technology organized by the EPTRI Medical Devices Platform was held online on 7th May of 2024.   

Participants had the chance to learn more about the impact of partnerships and co-design in shaping child health technology as well as the strategies and benefits of design partnerships and how to bring different stakeholders such as national health systems, academia and biotech companies together. 

Our first speaker was Gemma Wheeler. Gemma is a Project Manager at the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) HealthTech Research Centre (HRC) in Paediatrics and Child Health. She supports projects and teams to adopt meaningful approaches to involving children, young people and their families in research and innovation. Gemma talked about her network and the lessons learned in the last 5 years from trying to do participatory work within the UK NHS health system, and how to move forward, and the challenges regarding inclusivity and diversity and how to address that in the future 

Our second speaker was Ursula Ankeny. She is a design researcher and PhD student at Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Ursula is working in design technology in health to create meaningful solutions for condition-specific challenges. Ursula focused on informal networks of care within paediatric healthcare and how co-design is applied to that, giving some examples of these applications 

Our final speaker, Arie Melamed-Yekel, is a Deputy Director General Strategic Planning & General Manager at ALYNnovation and The Helmsley Pediatric & Adolescent Rehabilitation Research Center at the ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a senior high-tech executive with over 20 years of global experience and a proven record of leading teams to outstanding business results. Arie spoke about the method of multiple stakeholders design partnership and what is expected from stakeholders, he presented their selection model for the design partnership program, as well as a typical flow of a project and gave some examples from current projects and tips for successful assimilation of a project within the health organization, in this case, the ALYN Hospital.   

The recording of the webinar is available here 

Don’t miss our next webinar on Child Health Data and Artificial Intelligence that will be held on June 25th. Stay tuned for more information!