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Establishment of EPTRI AISBL as a legal entity

We are very happy to announce that  incorporated in the form of an Association International Sans But Lucrative (AISBL). 

The approval was granted by the Belgium Government as EPTRI is based in Leuven. This means that EPTRI can now apply to grants and other funding as an independent institution.   

EPTRI is an open science space allowing researchers to work together without geographical, institutional, or financial barriers and a system of many interconnected research areas, that will contribute to bringing new paediatric medicines on the market for the benefit of children. 

EPTRI promotes processes allowing stakeholders’ engagement and knowledge translation by integrating the perspectives of young patients and families, policymakers and payers, regulators and researchers, agencies and charities, academia and industry.   

EPTRI AISBL has 14 founding members from 7 countries. After the establishment, all the 115 signatories of the EPTRI Memorandum of Understanding will be now invited to join, and to contribute to the creation of the five Thematic Research Platform and the development of the centralised services, as well as to the creation of the EPTRI National Nodes.