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Sixth webinar on Child Health Data and Artificial Intelligence

The 6th webinar on Child Health Data and Artificial Intelligence organized by the EPTRI Medical Devices Platform was held online on 25th June of 2024.

Participants had the chance to learn more about the impact of partnerships and co-design in shaping child health technology as well as the strategies and benefits of design partnerships and how to bring different stakeholders such as national health systems, academia and biotech companies together. 

Our first speaker was Andrew Taylor. Andrew is the Director of Innovation at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH). He is an expert in cardiovascular imaging and has established the 

Centre for Cardiovascular Imaging at GOSH. Andrew has also expertise in the use of data and AI in healthcare (including data & AI governance), and the use of virtual reality, computer modelling, and 3D rapid prototyping in healthcare. Andrew focused on the opportunities for AI in healthcare and presented the use case of the use of AI to improve the experience for clinicians and patients in outpatient clinic.  

Our second speaker was Luis Fernandez-Luque. Luis is the chief Scientific Officer at Adhera Health Inc. His research focuses on the adaptation of mobile and web technologies for patient support and public health. He has substantially contributed to the creation and validation of Artificial Intelligence applications based on mobile and wearable technologies, including technologies such as deep learning and health recommender systems. Luis discussed data challenges, mainly the integration of more than clinical data, like psychosocial parameters to reduce data bias and to identify what is unique in families from minorities 

The third speaker was Katariina Gehrman. She is the Director of Digital and Innovation services at the Children and Adolescents department in HUS, Helsinki University Hospital. Katariina is the consortium coordinator for the EU-funded PHEMS, and her presentation focused on the explanation of this project aiming to create a decentralized health data ecosystem for European children’s hospitals, enhancing access and analysis of health data, while ensuring GDPR compliance and data privacy 

Our final speaker, Timothy Chou. Timothy started his career at one of the original Silicon Valley startups, Tandem Computers. His commercial career includes serving as the first President of Oracle’s cloud computing business and today as a board member at several public and private companies. Thimothy’s presentation focused on his recent project, the Pediatric Moonshot, a project aiming to reduce healthcare inequity, lower healthcare costs and improve outcomes for children – locally, rurally and globally by creating privacy-preserving real-time AI applications based on access to data in all 1,000,000 healthcare machines in all 500 children’s hospitals in the world. 

The recording of the webinar is available here 

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