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OrphaDev4Kids project approved

We are excited to announce that the proposal OrphaDev4Kids has been approved 

This collaborative project aims to address the issue of Orphan medical devices (MDs) to be used in the paediatric population. Paediatric MDs development is more complex and riskier for developers and only a small number of approved MDs are available, a few designed specifically for children and others readapted from adult applications. 

With this proposal we will implement a complex innovation ecosystem in the orphan and paediatric MDs field in order to maximise the value-for-patients of the research and development projects that will support academic bodies, scientific societies, developers of devices, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through all the development phases from the idea conceptualization to the market access. 

EPTRI will play a key role within the proposal by giving access to services, standardised methods and procedures that are already available within the EPTRI-MD Platform as defined in a well-integrated and coordinated framework.     

This proposal will focus on 3 specific orphan and paediatric case studies, one dealing with osteogenesis imperfecta and two concerning neonatal cardiology area, both referring to Cyanotic Congenital Cardiac Diseases. 

We look forward to this exciting and innovative project to advance paediatric research.