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EPTRI at the IX edition of the EBW

EPTRI participated in the IX Edition of the European Biotech Week, which took place from September 27th to 3rd of October 2021, with three webinars with different target audience in order to acknowledge the biotech added value.

The first EPTRI webinar Research in paediatric diseases: from nanotechnologies to diagnostics and precision medicine held on September 28th was organised in collaboration with the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and was devoted to the Italian medical and biomedical sciences students to increase the knowledge and stimulate their curiosity.

Experts from Italian CNR Institute of Biomembranes, Bioenergetics and Molecular Biotechnologies (IBIOM) in Bari, Institute of Nanotechnology in Lecce (NANOTEC), Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation in Palermo (IRIB) and Institute for Biomedical Technologies in Milan (ITB) with researchers from University of Palermo presented their work on different areas of paediatric research like mitochondria, neurodevelopmental disease, personalised medicine, innovative diagnostic approach, anticancer nanodrugs, rhinitis, machine learnings’ approaches, repurposing, and pulmonary diseases. The recording of the morning and afternoon session and the presentations are available here.

The second event The biotech approach to paediatric medical devicesheld on September 29th was addressed to experts in the field and whoever wanted to improve its knowledge on medical devices. It provided an in depth overview of the challenges in paediatric medical device development like versatility, diversity, complexity, viability, misconception, scalability, transferability, and longevity, the importance of the networking to overcome the lack of targeted devices for children and of the involvement of children in MDs development. In addition, examples of smart devices with appealing interfaces, and a paediatric orthopaedic bioresorbable implants case study followed from bench to bedside were provided. The recording and the presentations are available at this link.

The last event Paediatric formulations carrying biotech drugs: special focus on Covid-19 vaccines held on October 1st was organised by the Department of Pharmacy – Drugs Science of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” (UNIBA) and Consorzio per Valutazioni Biologiche e Farmacologiche (CVBF), on behalf of EPTRI. The webinar detailed the state of the art of the paediatric formulation development and of COVID-19 vaccines, the related issues, the regulatory path for paediatric medicines and the status of development and authorisation of Covid-19 vaccines for paediatric use. The recording and the presentations are available at this link.