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SEMMELWEIS SYMPOSIUM, November 16-18, 2021, Budapest, Hungary

The EPTRI Coordinator, Dr. Donato Bonifazi, will participate in the meeting having a presentation entitled: European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure: contribution to a new frontier in paediatrics’.

Semmelweis Symposium 2021 is one of the most prestigious international scientific events of Semmelweis University and one of the most important forums for sharing the latest developments in scientific research. This year, Semmelweis Symposium 2021 is focusing on translational medicine with special emphasis on coronavirus disease, its therapy, and the late effects of the virus infection in the paediatric population.

Topics will be discussed by internationally renowned scientists and health professionals in various panel discussions and presentations.

Semmelweis University is strongly involved in EPTRI and is coordinating the establishment of the Hungarian node.