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International Conference on Research Infrastructures

The International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI) was held on 19 – 21 October, 2022 in the Czech Republic. During the three days event, four hundred and fifty participants, and almost a hundred of speakers talked about the sharing of research infrastructures, i.e., equipment, instruments and data, as well as the possibilities of international cooperation, financing, ensuring sustainability and energy savings in demanding operations. 

Being EPTRI part of the research infrastructure (RI) landscape involving hundreds of research units gathered to boost the basic, preclinical and translational paediatric research ecosystem we were very excited to receive an invitation to participate at ICRI and were represented by Arianna Bertolani, our CRO Business & Project Development Manager.

During the closing day of ICRI 2022, the Brno Declaration on Fostering a Global Ecosystem of Research Infrastructures, which highlights the essential role of research infrastructures, was introduced. 


The Conference presentations are available on the Conference platform. The official ICRI 2022 Proceedings will also be made available.  

Information about the Conference programme is available here