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EPTRI’s Special issue on Frontiers in Paediatrics

We are happy to introduce our Research topic on Frontiers in Paediatrics “Supporting the Pediatric Drug Development: From Basic Research to Clinical Studies and Technological Advancements”. It is cross listed in other three Frontiers Journals and it is available here 

The aim of this research topic is to contribute to the international progress in paediatric research by supporting and facilitating the publication of high-quality studies on a variety of aspects of drug development that can have an impact on children’s therapeutics and health. 

Admissible articles for publication include original research, conceptual and systematic reviews, meta-analyses, mini-reviews, clinical reports, case studies, perspective articles, article commentaries, and opinion articles, discussing and describing the results of:
1. Basic and pre-clinical research that provides new knowledge on human growth and ontogeny influencing drugs effects and drug development
2. Research on new biomarkers targeting common or rare paediatric diseases or diseases that can affect children as well as adults
3. Research on technologies, standardised models, and analytical tools/IT tools that can be applied in a paediatric setting (drugs and medical devices)
4. Modelling, simulation, and extrapolations methods applied to paediatric medicines developmental phases mainly devoted to the right dose identification and risk/benefit preclinical evaluation
5. Innovative paediatric-tailored formulations, including 3D applications
6. Investigation & scrutiny of clinical and RWD data on the use of medicines in children and adolescents
7. Research on the ethical and legal framework for paediatric studies including the consenting process, raising awareness and improving patients’ engagement in paediatric research.