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Access to the EPTRI’ services is now online!


Are you developing a new medicine and/or device specific for children and you need some facilities or expertise for its execution? Do you have an innovative idea on paediatric related topics and want to apply for a call for proposal? EPTRI services are right for you!

EPTRI is a distributed research infrastructure with more than 200 research units across Europe aimed at supporting the paediatric research community, offering services, competences and expertise in the fields of:








  • paediatric medicines/devices discovery and development
  • paediatric biomarkers and biosamples
  • developmental pharmacology
  • paediatric medicines formulations.

In addition to the laboratory’s services, EPTRI will provide support in scouting and application to funding opportunities, research project management, advice on the design and requirements of not clinical specific studies/experiments, advice on translation to clinical phases, including ethics and regulatory, and access to paediatric research databases.

To request an EPTRI service, You can download the Service Request Form here fill it in all its parts and send it to [email protected]. EPTRI Single Access Point will be right there for you!

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