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Third webinar on Robotics for child health

The 3rd webinar on Robotics for child health organised by the EPTRI Medical Devices Platform was held online on 9th of January 2024.

It was a great occasion to immerse into the advances in social and assistive robotics solutions, motor and behavioral rehabilitation, robotic implants and sensory augmentation and replacement

 Our first speaker was Dana Damian. Dana is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Automatic Control and System Engineering at the University of Sheffield. She leads the Sheffield Biomedical Robotics Laboratory where her group’s mission is to develop bionic and implantable devices that show life-like behaviour and sustain operation for long-term therapies. Dana presented her research group’s endeavors to create medical and surgical technologies that are minimally- or non-invasive to advance paediatric interventions and therapies.

The second speaker of the webinar was Huub van Hedel. Huub is a professor of Neurorehabilitation, head of research, and member of the executive board of Swiss Children’s Rehab of the University Children’s Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. Huub showcased personalizing rehabilitation technologies to the child’s needs, the expectations from such rehabilitation therapy technologies (different user perspectives) and limitations.

Our last speaker was Luc de Witte. Luc is a professor of Technology for Healthcare at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Luc provided a brief overview of how robots have been, are being and can be used in the field of child health and healthcare, including clinical/medical applications but also social and educational applications.  

You can find the recordings of the webinar here.

Our next webinar on Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in child health tech development will be held on 5th March 2024. Stay tuned for more!